Municipal Market Reopens

At last Dúrcal's Municipal Market, which has been closed for 15 years, will reopened, but in a new guise: a gastro-tourism space.

Under the new name, The Mercado Gastroturísitco Sthe an Blas, will open its doors towards the end of the year or the beginning of 2024.

An accord was signed in the Town Hall between the Mayor, Julio Prieto and the Councillor for Tourism, Tino Sánchez, on the one hand, and José Manuel Megías, in representation of the company that is going to run it.

As mentioned above, Municipal Market has been dead in the water since 2008, when the economic crisis began. But that doesn’t mean that the Town Hall hasn’t been active trying to refloat it, either in its original format, or as a premises for something new, which is precisely what has come about.

Mayor Prieto explained that in 2021 there was a change to local bylaws which permitted more “flexibility” concerning opening hours, so the Town Hall put the market up for lease, but there were not takers.

Later on a new alternation to the bylaws was made which stipulated that, in the case that 70% of the stalls inside were not taken up individually, then one entity could take over the whole municipal market.

This sparked interest and a group of local business folk, each individual with his or her own experience in the business world, who placed the only bid, which was accepted by the Town Council.

The group’s representative, José Manuel Megías, explained that the project contemplates an area for the sale of local produce from the Valle de Lecrín, as well as further afield in Granada. The rest of the available space will be dedicated to the restaurant sector.

Both the Town Hall and the leaseholders are optimistic that this will revitalise the town centre.

(News/Noticias: Durcal, Valle de Lecrín, Granada, Andalucia)

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