Beats Man in Wheelchair

The Guardia Civil arrested a man in his late 40s, suspected of beating up a man in a wheelchair in Lújar on the inland Costa Tropical.

COS LújarThe 49-year-old aggressor (who has a criminal record) attacked the disabled man with the victim’s own crutches in order to steal 1,700 euros that he had at home with him in his cortijo.

The incident took place back in June when the accused, wearing a hood, reportedly smashed a window to gain entrance to the cortijo, where he came across the 66-year-old victim in his wheelchair and set about him.

Such was the force of the blows that he dealt out that the victim suffered fractured ulnas (bones in the forearm), a deep gash on the head and severely bruised his ribs. The man had to be hospitalised in Hospital Santa Ana.

The Judiciary Department belonging to the Guardia Civil post in Almuñécar opened an investigation into the case, searching the cortijo for clues and found a mobile phone that the victim had never seen before. So the police got hold of the telephone company that provided its SIM card and soon they had the name of its owner, who lives in a nearby cortijo.

The arrest was made and he was brought before a magistrate to set the date of the trial.

(News/Noticias: Lujar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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