Salobreña on National TV

For those of you that live in Salobreña and have access to Spanish TV, you might be interested in seeing a programme on Salobreña today.

SAL La 2 Visit SalobreñaThe programme is called Un País Mágico, which will be broadcast on La 2 (state television). However, the Salobreña Tourism Board press release didn’t mention what time, so we looked it up: it’s 19.50h, according to the website.

The programme will cover the wealth of heritage and culture to be enjoyed in Salobreña, including the local gastronomy.

The nationwide programme is hosted by Miguel de Lucas, who has travelled down to the Costa Tropical to visit Salobreña Castle and speak about the incredible feat of Hernán Pérez del Pulgar and his 70 men.

In addition, he will cover a “palace” inspired by the Alhambra (God knows where that is), the dangers involved in the process of collecting sugar cane and the lip-smacking quality of the Pulpo a-la-Salobreñera.

Hernán Pérez was something of a master in psychological warfare, it seems. In 1490, he was besieged by Boabdil’s Muslim troops in Salobreña and the towns wells had been exhausted, he refused to accept the Muslim king’s order to surrender and underlined this rejection by throwing the last jug of water over the battlements – talk about ‘burning your boats.’ As you can guess, as he didn’t die in Salobreña, the Muslim king gave up and raised the siege.

The very next year he crept into the city of Granada with intention of burning down the mosque but instead nailed a message on the door basically saying, “I was here but I’ll be back.” He then set fire to the market place, had a scrap with the local, Muslim bobbies, coming off best despite the odds, before legging it sharpish. His king, suitably impressed, gave him a castle for that wheeze behind enemy lines.

He died aged 80 in that same city, Granada, in 1531, which by then had been in Christian hands for nearly 40 years.

So, there you have it, learn something about Salobreña’s history and brush up on your Spanish at the same time!

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