Crop Failure & Over Production

You can't please everybody with these abnormally high temperatures and sunny skies; chiringuitos are over the moon whilst farmers wring their hands in despair.

COS Fruit PackagingEven farmers are divided because those with irrigated fruit plantations are in the process of cutting down their trees, as their wells are bringing up salt water, whilst those who farm under plastic, producing vegetables, are faced with over production because the warm weather is still stimulating crop production – they are faced with dumping perfectly good produce in order to maintain prices above production costs.

Quite simply, the last spring crop ran smack into the back of the autumn one.

The Crisis Committee for the Interprofesional de Frutas y Hortalizas de Andalucía, Hortyfruta, has met to analyse the situation, concluding that the best course of action is to dump eggplants and temporarily stop marketing lower quality ones,  until the situation rights itself.

In fact, according to UPA, owing to the oversupply of produce, the average price of eggplant has been 32 cents, but production costs are 40 cents, so farmers were losing eight cents on the kilo.

General Secretary, Nicolás Chica, for the Unión de Pequeños Agricultores y Ganaderos de Granada, explained that the state of the agricultural sector is disastrous. On top of the cereal-crop losses in the north of the province and olive crops all over the province, there is now this problem in greenhouse cultivation, which is the economic engine of the Tropical Coast.

As far as greenhouse farming goes, if the Costa Tropical is struggling, imagine what it is like in Almería, whose economy  is dominated by intensive farming.

(News/Noticias: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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