Biker Accident Canyon Road

A biker passing along the  N-323 this morning where it passes through Los Tajos de  Vélez de Benaudalla hit a mountain goat.

GRA Bike Accident Los Tajos MY23The impact made him lose control of the motorbike and come off. The wild, mountain goat, which abound in that area, was killed in the collision.

The victim was first attended by another couple on a bike, who phoned in the accident, as well as another vehicle, until the ambulance from Hospital Santa Ana arrived.

The accident, which occurred sometime around 09.45h, made it necessary for the Guardia Civil traffic police to close a lane until the dead animal could be removed from the road surface.

The bike rider was injured but to what degree has not been divulged for the moment.

Editorial comment: Thanks to Steve Campen for the heads up.

(News: Velez de Benaudalla, Costa Tropical Granada, Andalucia)

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