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Biker Accident in La Caleta

By Hugh MacArthur

A biker was killed in a road accident this afternoon on the N-340 where it passes through La Caleta in Salobreña. »

Police Save Biker’s Life

By Martin Myall

Two policemen belonging to the Guardia Civil managed to save a biker's life after he suffered a lower-limb amputation. »

Forest Track Booby Trap

By Hugh MacArthur

Scrambling bikes noisly riding through the countryside can be annoying, but one thing is being annoyed by them and another is trying to kill them. »

Asking for Trouble

By Martin Myall

A day that will go down in the annals of breathalyser tales is the 10th of May, 2015 when a biker, who was clearly well over the limit, uttered the immortal words… »

Hit-&-Run Frenchman

By Hugh MacArthur

The Santa Fe municipal police managed to identify a hit & run driver of a van, which had hit a biker, as a French national on a camping holiday in the area. »

Saved by the GPS

By Martin Myall

A biker managed avoid a fine of 200 euros and four points off his licence, thanks to a GPS installed in his motorbike. »

Biker Rescued on Otivar Road

By Hugh MacArthur

The mountain-rescue team, Sereim, aided by a police helicopter, rescued a biker from the bottom of a barranco above Otivar. »

Biker and Shepherd before Judge

By Vivienne Hughes

It was back in September 2010 when a shepherd and a motorcyclist came to blows in Polopos; over two years later they stand accused of mutual attempted murder. »

Not Fun

By Martin Myall

A 53-year-old motorcyclist not only came off his bike on the A-92, which is painful at the best of times, but a lorry ran over him. He must have been thinking how lucky he was that the wheel passed either side of him, but then his leather jacket snagged on the chassis and off... »

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