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Biker Dies in Nerja

NRJ Biker Dies

You’d have thought that with the lock down and virtually nobody on the roads, there wouldn’t be any accidents, yet there has been a fatal one in Nerja.

Biker Dragged by Car

MOT Biker Run Over

There was a traffic accident in Motril yesterday resulting in a biker being knocked off his bike on the main roundabout next to the church. In other words, a distance of around five metres

Asking for Trouble

SPN Blow Here

A day that will go down in the annals of breathalyser tales is the 10th of May, 2015 when a biker, who was clearly well over the limit, uttered the immortal words…

Hit-&-Run Frenchman

The Santa Fe municipal police managed to identify a hit & run driver of a van, which had hit a biker, as a French national on a camping holiday in the area.