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The budget-flight company, Vueling cancelled a flight last Thurday from Granada to Barcelona, programmed for 22.40h - passengers were not happy.

GRA Passport Control AirportThe fact is that Vueling has a nasty habit of cancelling flights if they have not sold a minimum number seats – if you’re one of the ones that did purchase a seat, hard cheese.

Back to Thursday’s flight, amongst the passengers were 26 school children and three teachers, who together with the rest of the passengers were bussed to Málaga Airport to make the flight. However, their ‘disappointment’ was not over because they ended up sleeping in the airport after they were not allowed to board the early morning flight to Barcelona. They eventually arrived in Barcelona much later that day.

But that’s not all because although the Vueling flight from Gatwick last Tuesday night landed on time at  21.00h, it took an hour for the passengers to clear passport control because there was only one Guardia Civil officer in the booth to process over a hundred passengers.

This was not Vueling’s fault, of course, but rather because the Ministry of the Interior is not providing enough officers in the evenings; something that the Guardia Civil have grumbled about.

So, what with Vueling having the habit of cancelling flights and evening flights landing at Granada having to queue for an unacceptable amount of time for a small, provincial airport, it is not gaining the airport any popularity as a destination, which is tremendous pity.

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