Mayor Rufino not Running Again

For those of you who live in Salobreña, even if her party wins the coming local elections, Mª Eugenia Rufino won't be your Mayor.

SAL PSOE DC22The local branch of the PSOE held their primaries and the Secretary General of the party, Javier Ortega, was selected to be the candidate for the Elecciones Municipales Mayo de 2023. Sr. Ortega received 135 votes, which represents 73.5% of the ballot.

Sr.Ortega, as part of his acceptance speech, had words of gratitude for the present Mayor, who had also put forward her name but only received 23.5% of the votes (43 in total).

He also spoke of the “necessity to carry out the new socialist project,” with all the party putting their ‘shoulders to the wheel’ to get as many votes together and retain the mayoralty.

Editorial comment: despite putting her name forward for the candidacy, there had been rumours that she didn’t want to run again, so the question is, will she remain active or retire from local politics? Whether she has done a good job during her double legistlature as Mayor has Salobreñeros divided.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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