Ombudsman vs. Mad Water Bill

A family who had inherited a house in Motril from a relative found themselves with a water bill for 1,600 euros when they went to terminated the contract.

According to the bill, the house had consumed 873,000 litres or 73 metric tonness, which is a ridiculously unrealistic amount, so they decided to take the affair to the regional Ombudsman.

Now the water consumption relates to September 2020 but not only was the house not lived in but had been empty for over a year (since January 2019) , so the water used must have come from a leak. The owner had moved into a home for the elderly where she remained for 18 months until her death at 91 years of age without leaving a will.

All the time that she was in the home she was billed 350 euros, which is an illogical amount for such an empty house of that size, with no garden, etc.

We’re not talking about a mansion, either, but rather a very small, old house of 54 sq/m, with no garden nor pool. In fact, until she moved into the home her 3-monthly bills were normally between 40 and 60 euros.

So, the estate fell to her nephews and when they saw what was owed they got no joy from the water company, they decided to take it before the Ombudsman but he has not solved the problem either. His reply was basically, “well, we tried but to no avail and are archiving the request.”

They have knocked on other doors, too, but what they are not doing is taking it to court as the court costs and a lawyers fees could probably cost them more than the outstanding water bill if they lose.

In the meantime the money owed has reached 1,917 euros owing to surcharges incurred through non-payment.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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