House Party in a Square

There will be a guateque on the Plaza de la Independencia in La Herradura tonight, starting at 22.00h

SPN GuatequeOK, what the hell is a guateque? A guateque is a sort of house-party which were very popular in the 60s in Spain before the advent of discotheques.

Young people would go to each other’s houses (when the parents weren’t there) or flats if they were emancipated, and bring their own booze and records… to be played on the old, suitcase-style, mono, record players, naturally. We all had one, right?

Where did the word come from? I knew you would ask, so I looked it up: guateque owes its origins to Spanish immigrants returning from the Caribbean where they went to make their fortune.

They not only brought back the money, but also Caribbean-Spanish vocabulary, amongst them, guateque which literally meant a gathering for a family feast. In Spain it followed that line until it finally just meant a youngsters’ party where they would listen to pop music and get sloshed.

Anyway, radio DJ, Moisés Franco, will be playing numbers from the 60’s through to the 90s in this end-of-summer fiesta to liven up the village.

Finally, there will be a bar on the square, whose proceeds will go to the cancer association, AECC de Almuñécar, so you can support a bloody-good cause, too!

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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