Restaurante Mesón Nacimiento

This restaurant has the three keys to being a popular eating spot: parking, good food and setting.

PP Restaurante Nacimiento 400x250Few restaurants that are not actually on a river or sitting on a rock over the sea are gifted with the best live music there is… a small waterfall – Restaurante Nacimiento in Vélez-Benaudalla has one, hence its name, which literally means in this sense, a spring; i.e, where a river or stream is ‘born.’ In fact, the whole village is blessed with bountiful water.

The food? Well the Chef obviously loves his or her creations, something your tastebuds can only confirm. Neither cheap nor expensive, especially considering the quality of the original dishes served.

Go on, get off the coast and travel through the awe-inspiring canyon, feasting your eyes on your way to Vélez de Benaudalla, before treating your tastebuds to the items of their excellent menu. Parking is not a problem, as they have their own parking area.

Restaurante-Mesón Nacimiento, Plaza del Nacimiento, Vélez de Benaudalla. Reservations: Tel: 958 622 196 or

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