Illegal Firearms Trade

The Guardia Civil carried out an operation against the illegal firearms trade in the metropolitan area of Granada resulting in at least ten arrests.

GRA Illegal Gun TradeThe police netted all kinds of firearms & ammunition, large quantities of cash and even marihuana plants, when they carried out home searches during Tuesday morning.

Most of the dwellings searched were in Pinos Puente, mainly on Calle Eras Altas and in Barrio de Las Flores. The other homes were in Albolote and Gójar.

The police investigation that culminated in these raids began five months ago when two Spaniards were arrested, accused of arms trafficking. Behind this arms ring is an armoury in the province.

When the investigation work began, the Guardia Civil had no idea of the extent of the arms ring linked to those two arrests. In fact, the police have not ruled out further arrests based on the information gained during these recent house searches.

The firearms intervened during the raids, both handguns and long arms, are being examined to see if they have been used in robberies or murders.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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