Nuclear Plant Accident

An accident in a Spanish nuclear-power plant resulted in one death and three injuried (one of whom, seriously) yesterday afternoon.

SPN Asco Nuclear Power Station TarrgonaThe accident occurred in the Asco nuclear-power station in Tarragona following carbon dioxide (CO2) leak. The four victims were all workers at the plant and the worker who died was a member of the installation’s own fire-fighting team.

According to the Bombers de la Generalitat (Catalan Fire Service) the accident happened whilst they were working with a fire-extinction system and the escaping CO2 gas affected (in one case, fatally) the workers.

The accident had no affect on the running of the nuclear plant nor caused any radiation-related incident. However, it was one of the workers that informed 112 directly – the company that runs the nuclear reactor did not report the incident.

(News: Tarragona, Cataluña)

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