Tajos de Ronda Fatal Fall

A woman died after falling over 100 metres whilst scaling the Tajos de Ronda using the Vía Ferrata installed up its wall.

AND Tajo de RondaQuoting Wikipedia: “A via ferrata is a climbing route that employs steel cables, rungs or ladders, fixed to the rock to which the climbers affix a harness with two leashes, which allows the climbers to secure themselves to the metal fixture and limit any fall.

The cable and other fixtures, such as iron rungs (stemples), pegs, carved steps, and ladders and bridges, provide both footings and handholds, as well. This allows climbing on otherwise dangerous routes without the risks of unprotected scrambling and climbing or the need for technical climbing equipment.”

The emergency call centre 112 received an alert at 11.00h on Friday from witnesses who had seen a woman fall whilst climbing the tajos and was seriously injured.

The Málaga fire service, the Policía Nacional, Policía Local, and an ambulance were despatched to the scene of the accident. However, nothing could be done to save the woman’s life as she had died on the spot.

(News: Ronda, Malaga, Andalucia)

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