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Telefónica Coughs Up

By Hugh MacArthur

On Valentine's Day 2018, M.D. was walking with a friend along a street in Baza when she tripped over a Telefónica manhole cover in the pavement. »

Access Ramp Needed

By Vivienne Hughes

A middle-age man had the misfortune of falling down a flight of steps on the Calle de La Agua in Motril. »

Junta de Los Ríos Rescue

By Vivienne Hughes

An 11-year-old girl and a 21-year-old woman had to be rescued by helicopter yesterday from the Junta de Los Ríos above Otivar. »

Drunk and Overly Optimistic

By Martin Myall

A young man was seriously injured when he fell several floors onto an interior patio within a block of flats in Gualchos. »

Autumn Arrives

By Martin Myall

Autumn started this morning at 03.54h (CET+1) and will last 89 days and 20 hours, finishing on the 21st of December. »

Climber Rescued by Sereim

By Vivienne Hughes

A man had to be rescued last Saturday after suffering a fall in the Sierra Nevada in the area known as Corral del Veleta (Canuto). »

Woman’s Fall & Car Crash

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman in Motril fell from a 2nd-floor balcony on Monday from her flat on calle Millán which is near Cuatro Esquinas and Calle Las Cañas. »

Sierra Nevada Death

By Martin Myall

While Saturday the 30th was a busy day for the mountain rescue teams on Sierra Nevada, Sunday turned out to be a tragic one because of a death up there. »

Two Deaths from Falls

By Martin Myall

A 13-year-old boy fell from the roof of an abandoned factory in Teià (Barcelona) on Sunday the 14th and died from the 10-metre fall. »

Fell from Balcony

By Vivienne Hughes

A man died on Easter Monday (10th) in the coastal village of Melicena after he fell from his flat balcony, trying to put up a ‘For Sale’ sign. »

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