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There is an online petition collecting signatures on calling for a change of law concerning masturbating in public.

SPN FlashingAt the moment, surprisingly, if a man masturbates in a public place in full view of an adult, it’s a finable offence, but if it is in front of a minor, it is a criminal offences punishable with prison.

So, if a man masturbates in front of a woman, as long as she is 18 or over, he’ll only get a slapped wrist… The least we mention about wrists the better, of course.

So far, 42,000 people have signed the online petition to make this form of exhibitionism a criminal offence regardless of whom is the intended audience.

Now, this online movement came about because of an incident in Valencia on the 5th of May this year, when around 13.00h the person behind the petition, Anna Paula Ferrao, was confronted by a pervert ‘flying solo.’ as she waited at a bus stop.

Sra Ferrao immediately reported the man to a police, foot patrol who were in the area at the time. The police officers interrupted the man in his ‘open-air, genital gymnastics’, identified him, informed him that he was being fined, and allowed him to go on his way.

The victim was gobsmacked so she asked the officers why they had not arrested him. They replied that masturbating in a public space in front of a woman, without her consent, is not a criminal offence, as long as she is an adult. Legally, it is classified as a ‘minor offence of sexual harassment.’

The objective of the online petition is to obtain sufficient ‘weight’ in signatures to get the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, to include this kind of ‘gender violence’ within Ley de Garantía de la Libertad Sexual (popularly known as Only Yes Means Yes. This law is in the process of adoption.

(News: Spain)

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