An Autumn Evening

At 19.21h (UTC) this evening, autumn will arrive and with it milder temperatures and rain. We can give the aircon a rest as the nights continue to draw in.

AutumnOn the last Sunday of next month, (the 31st this year) the clocks will kiss goodbye to summer hours so that school kids won’t have to catch the bus to school in the dark.

Autumn, which rivals spring for panoramic, colour changes, will last 89 days and… 20 hours, ending on the 21st of December. When that day comes just before Christmas, we’ll be wrapped in warm coats – inlands they’ll be wearing gloves and scarves, too.

And that’s the thing about living on the Costa Tropical, winter is somebody else’s season as we only have spring, summer and autumn, as far as the weather goes. If you want winter, snow and frosty morning, then you will have to visit the Alpujarra, the city of Granada and the Altiplano (Baza).

At least during a couple of days whilst the snow lasts up there, you can throw snowballs up at Mesón Los Prados at the top of the Cabra Montés Road.

Most of us are pretty cheesed off with the whole summer/winter clock changes, and were lulled into false hope when there was talk of doing away with it. As it stands, we spend seven months on summer time and five on winter time.

Why not let us know how you feel about the clocks changing twice a year – leave a comment below 😉

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  1. Jeremy
    September 22, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    Ah, that subject again … clocks changing. The closer a place is to the equator, the less sense it makes. For those further away, it helps a bit. Makes good sense for all EU to change together (or not change at all). So, if I lived in S. Spain, no clock change please. Here, in Ireland, yes, change them to gives us long summer evenings but not too dark winter mornings. Can’t please everyone 😕

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