Raped by Fellow Workers

Two adult males were arrested in the Alpujarra in connection with the illegal detention and rape of their fellow, female farm labourer.

GRA Immigrant Farm LabourersThe victim and the two accused shared the same accommodation, linked with their work as seasonal farm labourers.

The incident took place on a Thursday towards the end of August when the two men decided not to let the woman leave the dwelling until she agreed to have sex with them. She completely refused.

However, after keeping her retained against her will, they allegedly each brutally raped her. When she did manage to escape, she immediately went to the Guardia Civil to report what had happened to her, accompanied by other women in her support.

The police put in motion the sexual-abuse protocol, which begins with a medical examination at the nearest medical centre, which brought to light injuries conducive of having undergone forced sexual intercourse. She was also given psychological help and taken to a women’s shelter house for victims of violence.

Whilst this was going on, a Guardia Civil patrol was sent out to arrest the two alleged aggressors and place them in custody.

Both the victim and her reported aggressors are foreign workers who have been participating in harvesting work somewhere in the Alpujarra Granadina.

The Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer (IAM) in Granada attended to 29 girls and young women between the ages of 14 and 27, victims of gender violence and sexual abuse as part of the institute’s psychological assistance programme during 2020.

(News: Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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