Bubión Struggles On

The tiny Alpujarra village of Bubión has a contagion rate of 1,342 per 100,000 but is not keen on the idea of closing its municipal limits in the middle of summer.

GRA ALP BubionOf course with a population of just 298, if somebody just sneezes the contagion rate goes up by a 100. However, there are 19 cases, with the latest four amongst one family.

The Mayor, María del Carmen Pérez Perea, has asked for villagers to remain calm but has confirmed that the summer cultural agenda has been put on hold until things get back to normal in about a week, it is hoped.

Mayor Pérez also announced that they would consider taking “extraordinary measures” should they be necessary – burn a couple of witches to appease The Almighty, perhaps – just joking!

What they are waiting for is for the Junta to decide, as villages with fewer that 5,000 inhabitants are judged individually, so there is always the chance that a Junta bigwig, who has never set foot in Bubión, decides to nuke the Bubión to be on the safe side… OK, that might be an exageration, admittedly.

(News: Bubión, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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