Pitres Fire under Control

Infoca has declared the Pitres hill fire as "controlled,"  which means that it is contained but not completely out.

ALP Pitres Fire 01A fire that is contained or ‘controlled’ means that it cannot expand and will run out of compustible material.

The fire crews will narrow the perimeter until it is declared “extinguished” but it doesn’t end there because the whole area has to be dampened down and watched to make sure it doesn’t spring up again.

If the fire took place in a wooded area, even though the trees have been consumed, the roots can still be cooking – there’s no oxygen underground but burnable material and elevated temperatures along the roots are just waiting for the third crucial element for a ignition – air.

Anyway, we all learnt this (the three necessary conditions for combustion) in our science classes at school and Ray Bradbury’s novel 451º Fahrenheit is a reminder of the combustion temperature of paper.

It’s a great pity that this beautiful part of the high Alpujarra Granadina has been visited by the summer scourge because it has extensive areas of forestland, mostly oaks.

Recapping on how the fire developed, Infoca reports that they received a call-out around 13.45h on Sunday. They despatched 86 fire personnel and six aircraft; three transport helicopters and three transport ones. Also set up was a mobile command centre, a forward medical unit and a meteorological one, too.

(News: Pitres/Capilerilla, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)


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