Incomprehensible Parking Fines

An Almuñécar opposition party has pointed out that there is a growing rift between the Town Hall and the Medical Centre.

ALM Medical Centre SignThe problem, according to the UP, is that in front of the Centro de Salud there is a parking area which is reserved for medical staff. However, members of the medical staff there have found parking tickets on their vehicles, much to their amazement.

According to UP Councillor, Francisco Fernández, who brought this affair to public attention, the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, knows what has been happening, which makes it even more incomprehensible that things have gone so far.

Sr. Fernández considers that something so easy to sort out is being left to fester, causing annoyance amongst  a body of professionals, precisely to whom we owe so much.

Yet, here we are with the summer population putting even more strain on the Medical Centre, with parking a nightmare for everybody, everywhere, and doctors, nurses and administrative staff worrying that there will be a parking fine waiting for them.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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