More Trouble with Beach Towers

Whilst Motril has had to take down about four elevated platforms for lifeguards, Rincón de la Victoria has been having problems, too.

AXA Rincon calafloresIn the case of Rincón the problem is the ladders used to access them – a child fell from a lifeguard lookout in the Calaflores area of the municipality. He had to be taken to the A&E Department of the hospital.

For this reason the IU opposition party is insisting that the ladders are removed when the elevated platforms are not in use; i.e. at nights, when adolecents climb the tower to pose for photos.

This accident on Saturday comes a year after a similiar incident.

The IU submitted a call before the Town Hall on the 1st of July to have the access ladders removed but the reply that they received was that the coalition Council (PP, Cs and PMP) was studying the logistics and viability behind removing the ladders, yet to date, says the IU spokesperson, no action has been taken.

(News: Rincon de la Victoria, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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