Lifeguard Injured in Motril

Just after midday Monday a lifeguard was injured when the elevated observation platform on Playa Granada toppled over with the lifeguard in it.

MOT Topple Lookout Platform Playa GranadaThe victim fell three metres and suffered a back injury. It was also fortunate that the elevated platform did not fall onto nearby sunbeds or anybody lying or walking on the beach.

Immediately after the accident the Policía Local cordoned off all the towers pending an inspection. From photographs it appears that the wooden posts have rotted where they were buried in the sand/pebbles.

As a consequence the Mayor has given orders for all the lifeguard lookouts on Playa de Poniente and Playa Granada be closed and removed. New ones will be erected next summer, the Mayor promised.

Councillor for Tourism and Beaches, José Lemos, said that three had already been removed and that there was still one to take down, which is on the Punta del Santo, which is a new one acquired only last year, whilst the others go back at least a decade.

MOT Rotten Tower SupportsAs for the victim, he was taken to Hospital Santa Ana and now has to wear a back support because of damage to one of his lower vetebrae. He was allowed home that same day but will be off sick for several months, obviously.

In the meantime, opposition parties are demanding explanations on “obviously deficient maintenance.” Local socialist leader, Sr. Francisco Ruiz said that Motril will become known as the “town of the toppling towers” but also took the opportunity to complain about the general state of the town as far as maintenance goes.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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