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Canine DNA Bust

AXA DNA Dog Dodoes Testing

The Town Hall in Rincón de la Victoria have managed to track down dog owners through the DNA of the animal’s excrement, leading to them being fined.

105 Mistreated Dogs

AXA Dogs Mistreated in Animal Shelter

The Appeals Court in Málaga has confirmed a sentence handed down to three people for animal cruelty/neglect in the case concerning 105 dogs in their care.

Rugby in Rincón

AND Rubby Sheffield Tigers

There will be a Rugby match in the Manuel Becerra grounds in Rincón de la Victoria on the 1st of October between a Spanish and British team.

Toasted Axarquia

AXA High Temperatures AG21

You were right in thinking that last weekend was very hot on the coast – it’s always hot inland, but the coast usually fares better.