A Track Record of Cruelty

The Guardia Civil have been investigating a 59-year-old man for a case of barbaric animal cruelty - he had allegedly tied his dog to the car and driven off.

GRA Dog Dragged Behind CarThe incident took place on the 17th of June. The Guardia Civil received a call from a bypasser on a street in Diezma who had came across a very badly injured dog.

A patrol car from Guadahortuna was redirected there as it was not far from the scene. They retrieved the suffering animal and took it to an animal protection association with its own vet, the Asociación Huellas Accitanas.

Fortunately, Nube (the dog) is recovering from its extensive injuries, better than the vet and the carers had hoped for. Lidia Latorre, who heads the association, recounts how it was brought in with extensive friction burns and loss of skin and muscle tissue.

In the meantime, a police investigation was set up to identify the owner who turned out to be somebody who had already been prosecuted for animal cruelty; in 2019 he was found to have let one of his dogs die of thirst and starvation. For this act he was found guilty in May last year and (incredibly) banned from owning or dealing with animals… for three months.

How did the police found out who had dragged the dog along, tied to a bumper? They followed the trail of blood and fur for three kilometres to where it ended at the entrance to livestock farm on the outskirts of Diezma. During the question of the man and an inspection of the premises they found a piece of rope that matched the piece left tied to the dog.

The police interviewed neighbours and they confirmed that the dog belonged to the man, as well.

According to the arrested man, he had tied the dog to the towing ball on his 4×4 but had forgotten that he was attached to it when he drove off to go to town. When he parked he “found” the animal and seeing that it was badly injured, decided to abandon it there and then – taking it to a vet was not something that he considered as necessary.

Editorial comment: you can’t ban a person like this from having pets (or any other kind of animal in his charge) for a short period of time – it’s absolutely ridiculous. It should be for life. He runs a lifestock farm – take his licence off him, embargo the property, auction it, and give it to animal protection associations.

(News: Diezma, Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalucia)

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