British Driver Arrested

The Guardia Civil, as part of their anti-drugs operations, arrested a British driver who was found to have both hashish and cocaine with him.

SPN Guardia Civil ControlThe police stopped the 22-year-old British citizen on the A-92N  at around 19.30h on the 11th of this month where it passes through the municipality of Guadix.

The police had set up a road check-point on the Almería-bound lanes as part of their clamp down on drugs being transported out of the Campo de Gibraltar, where many drugs are landed for distribution across Spain and over the French border.

The reason that they had decided to search the car was because the driver was displaying signs of being very nervous. They found two bags underneath the rear seats, one containing 290 grammes of hashish and the other nine grammes of cocaine.

The arrested man was taken to the Guardia Civil post in Guadix where he was charged and held pending appearing before a magistrate.

(News: Guadix, Montes Orientales, Granada, Analucia)

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