Why It’s Worth It.

Salobreña resident, Diana Porter wanted people to be able to watch films in English on the wide screen and that's what you now get.

FILM RadioactiveNo matter how much Netflix you watch nor the fact that nowadays you can change the language on a Spanish TV channel, going out to watch a film in a cinema not only gets you out of your house but also allows you to enjoy a form of entertainment that goes back a century.

It’s been tough because of restrictions, but with everybody acting responsibly, with masks, gels and distancing, every Tuesday you can watch a film as was intended from the very beginning of cinema; sat in front of a screen the size of the side of a double decker bus, in the dark, washed over by an auditorium sound system

For just five euros, you can enjoy a form of entertainment that you did, as a kid, watching the Saturday Matinée; as your parents did, watching the golden stars of Hollywood when Westerns and gangster film were the celluloid diet of the film world.

Yes, in this modern world where your car wouldn’t even notice five euros of diesel in its tank, you can watch nearly two hours of screen magic with your friends.

Diana deserves a medal, or the very least, your support for her efforts.

So, with this preamble concluded, let me tell you that tomorrow’s screening is the 2019 film Radioactive.

Diana tells us that this is a British drama about Marie Curie and her discovery of the different uses of radioactive elements both then, by medically helping save many lives, and in the future when it is used to destroy lives.

She says that it has great reviews about the acting and is thought provoking and inspiring.

So that’s Tuesday the 18th May at 17.00h in the Auditorium in Salobreña

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