Torrecuevas Roadworks

Anybody who uses the Otívar road from the 5th is going to have fun because roadworks will commence soon in the form of resurfacing the tarmac.

ALM Torrecuevas RoadworksIt’s not taking place all along the said road (A-4050) but rather just the part that belongs to the municipality of Almuñécar; i.e., Torrecuevas.

Work is set to commence on the 5th of next month, according to the Councillor of Urban Development, Javier García. As to when they will be concluded, he said, “hopefully by summer.”

The first task will be road markings, signposts, vegetation clearing and cleaning out drainage systems, before a coat of tarmac is applied.

The Junta has set aside a budget of 488,682 euros for the task, which will cover the work between where the N-340 goes over the San Sebastian road to the northern end of the municipality known as Caicillos.

Just in case you believed that the resurfacing would provide a smooth ride, it should be pointied out that they will be putting in a few raised zebra crossings, quite sensibly, near the junior schools, Santa Cruz and Torrecuevas, as well as within the Barrio San Sebastián, Laderas de Castelar and in front of the cemetery. Some stretches of the footpath pavements will also receive some TLC.

Be prepared for temporary traffic lights or workers who randomly brandish traffic-control batons in a despondent manner – The Lord loves them all.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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