Castell Castle Purchase

The Castell de Ferro Town Hall is searching for a way to obtain the ownerhip over the castle/tower that stands over this coastal town.

ECO Castell beach erosion OnLThe monument, little more than a single tower or keep, dates back to the 12th/13th Century.

It is owned by a building company based in Lugo (Galicia) which has done little or nothing to check its deterioration. Such is its precarious state that one of the four walls has already collapsed

The Mayor,  Antonia Antequera, explained that the company has entered into bankruptcy with a debt of 500,000 euros, which prevents the company from simply ceding it to Castell because the town would inherit the debt.

The Town Council is working with a team of lawyers to see if there is a way by which they can gain ownership of the monument but without the debt attached.

The lawyers have been in contact with the Junta, as the monument is a listed building (BIC) as well as with the Hacienda  to see if it would execute the embargo so the tower passes into the hands of the State and can then be transferred to Castell del Ferro.

Obviously, with the pandemic, the procedure has slowed to a snail’s pace – not that bureaucracy was ever known for alacrity in Spain. But time is the essence because the tower is crumbling.

Unfortunately, it is its very condition of being a listed building that it is making it difficult to stabilise it – The Ministry of Culture won’t let the Town Hall do anything to it.

But there’s more. The Town Hall also wants to deal with the eyesore which is the unfinished housing structures on the hillside just below it. The construction company, as explained before, has declared bankruptcy. They began building the housing but were stopped whilst the legality of the development was being investigated.

When a sentence was handed down by the court in favour of the company, it had already run into financial difficulties and couldn’t continue with the project.

The Mayor is going to present an idea at the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Hall to study this failed urbanización, Alhambra del Mar, to see if access and other points can be improved to a degree where it might interest another building developer.

(News: Castell del Ferro, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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