Deficient Fire Station?

The old fire station in Motril was built in the 90s and since then it hadn't had any facelifts to speak of until last year, thanks to a grant.

MOT fire service OnLThe Town Hall received close to a million euros from the Consorcio Provincial de Bomberos and drew up a renovation project on which to use it. The idea was to double the size of the station, which is located on the Carrera del Mar near the port.

With work scheduled to begin next month, it is hoped that this extra space could eliminate some of the deficiencies. It will be carried out in two stages, the first, lasting a year, will consist of building an extension on the western side, which will contain the emergency control-centre, as well as a connecting corridor with the original building.

The second stage will consist of work on the rear of the building where the changing and washrooms are, as well as dormitories. It is this second stage that is causing problems with the fire personnel. They consider that the rest area does not conform with health & safety regulations and are demanding that the Town Hall adjusts the project to accommodate them.

The workers union, Sindicato Andaluz de Bomberos (SAB) consider that the project is outdated. The project just creates more space but does not adapt the installations to eliminate work-hazard defects, especially in the middle of a pandemic: “the two dormitories; one is an 8-man room and the other a 4-man one, forces all to share the same space – rooms should be individual, claim the SAB. Furthermore, the project was drawn up without consulting the personnel for their input.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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