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Santa Fe Trembles

By Martin Myall

Santa Fe, which is next to the city of Granada, was the epicentre of an earth tremor yesterday that registered 2.1 on the Richter Scale. »

Granada Rocks!

By Hugh MacArthur

Sixteen earth tremors have been registered on seismographs yesterday around the provincial capital. »

It’s Bumpy Out There

By Martin Myall

It might have been relatively quiet this evening where you are, but just out to sea we had six earth tremors in the space of 23 minutes. »

Two Earth Tremors

By Martin Myall

Residents of La Herradura felt the ground move on the 1st of May... but just a little, and twice. »

Irresponsible Environmental Control

By Louise Powell

Zapatero's Government gave the go ahead for project without a accompanying environmenta-impact study in 2009 - today, the area is rocked by earth tremors and minor earthquakes... We're talking about Proyecto Castor. »

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