Expelled for Not Wearing Mask

Two schoolgirls have been temporarily expelled from a Rincón de la Victoria high school, for repeatedly refusing to wear a mask at school.

AND IES in Rincon de la VicoriaThe father of the expelled girls has accused the IES Ben Al Jatib school on social media of having a dictatorial attitude. He also defends his daughters’ rights not to have to walk around wearing “muzzles.”

The said parent has also published private conversations with the school Head, the district school inspector and with the Policía Local on his Whatsapp account.

He also complains that the girls are not allowed to leave the school premises during the morning break, which lasts 30 minutes and that there are other pupils in the schoolyard that don’t maintain the safety distance between people. Finally, he demanded online classes for his daughters.

The father clearly expresses a non-believer attitude on his social-media accounts as far as the pandemic goes and is against the vaccine and classifies the general public as “Covidiota” (Cov-idiots).

The Area School Board, has not said how long the expulsion will last: “The pupils are suspended from attending class owing to an accumulation of conduct contrary to school rules,” they stated.

Children from the age of six must wear masks in public, the Board points out, regardless of whether a safety distance is kept between people.

The Education Delegate for Málaga, Mercedes García Paine, said that school regulations are for everybody, adding that if schools are some of the safer areas around, then it is because covid regulations are being obeyed.

Editorial comment: schools can’t have kids going outside the school gates during the morning break because it is responsible for pupils’ safety from the moment they arrive for their first class until they abandon the school after their last one. If something were to happen to them, such as an accident crossing a street during the break, the school is for the high-jump.

(News: Rincon de la Victoria, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: Google Street View)

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