Covid Travel Restrictions

Here is a list of justifiable causes for crossing over your municipal boundaries if they have been closed due to Covid-19.

A) Attending health centres, services and establishments.

B) Travelling to work or for the purpose of work or for carrying out legal obligations.

C) Attending university, schools, including nursery schools.

D) Returning home to your place of residence.

E) Providing assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.

F) Travelling to financial or insurance entities, as well as refuelling your vehicle in a neighbouring territory. (Obviously this means that you are either running short of fuel outside your municipality on a justifiable journey or that in you village there is no gasolinera.

G) Appearing before public, judicial or notarial bodies.

H) Renewals of permits and official documentation, as well as other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed.

I) Taking exams or official tests that cannot be postponed.

J) Working on the land and caring for farm animals.

K) Travel for the acquisition of food products by those who have their habitual residence in localities that, being in another municipal area, lack establishments that allow the acquisition of such products and are neighbouring towns with municipalities with limited mobility.

L) Urgent appointments with veterinary clinics.

M) High-level sporting activity in official competitions justified through a federative certificate (sports licence).

N) Emergencies – force majeure (running out of Early Grey teabags is not classified as an emergency).

O) Any other activity of a similar nature, duly accredited.

How to justify such journeys

You will need the following documents, depending on the reason for travelling out of your municipality.

* In case of attending a hospital or a health centre, the trip is justified with an appointment document provided by said health centre.

* If the trip is to a pharmacy, it can be justified by showing the receipt for the medicine purchased.

* Travelling to or for work: there is no one document to cover such trips on a national level. However the downloaded form that was in use in the first lockdown is still valid, as long as it is filled out correctly by the employer on behalf of the employee.

* Returning home to your place of residence. Even if you provide your TIE, which contains information on you place of residence, you’re still liable to be question on the nature of your not being there in the first place. So your TIE is not a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card.

* In case of travelling to provide care for dependents (elderly for example), the person receiving care must have a certificate of dependency.

* The trip to a gas station to refuel can be justified with a ticket from the gasolinera itself, although in this case, it will be necessary to argue that the reason for refuelling is to carry out any on justified trips.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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