Hair-Raising Car Chase

SPN Canary Car Chase 02The police waved down a driver to inform her of the traffic fine she had just incurred (She had been using her mobile phone) but instead of stopping there began a high-speed chase.

Un fortunately, we cannot reproduce the police video of the chase but it was hair raising.

The incident, which took place in Gran Canarias on the 25th of last month, ended with the 33-year-old woman’s arrest for charges of driving without a valid licence, car theft and dangerous driving. She also had a court summons pending.

During the car chase she went took roundabout in the wrong direction, sped down the hard shoulder, even though cars were pulling off onto it upon hearing a police siren approaching from behind. At one point she did three laps of a roundabout with the police hard behind.

The chase ended in a narrow street with the woman throwing herself from the car as it rolled forward and running off only to be caught. The three other occupants of the car, climbed out with their hands up.

The police driver had a hard time keeping up as he couldn’t drive as recklessly as she was doing but even so she never managed to shake off the patrol car.

(News: Gran Canarias, Canary Islands)

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