Walking a Dog after Curfew

AND Walking The DogThe present curfew comes into effect at 22.00h each evening until 06.00h the next morning, seven days a week. To be out you need a valid reason.

Valid reasons include going to or returning from work. It also includes a trip to a pharmacy, but in each case you have to have a document to justify it, either printed out or on your phone.

Now, the Junta, along with quite a few other regional PMs want to bring the curfew forward to 20.00h and in fact one region has already done this and is being taken to court by the Central Government.

So, what happens if the Central Government caves in and permits the curfew to begin at 20.00h – can you take your dog out for a walk at 20.30h so that it can do its final necessities?

Well, the Junta bigwig, Elías Bendodo, when confronted with this question at a press call, responded that yes you could, as long as “you used your common sense.”

Editorial comment: the trouble is that interpretations like this one do more to confuse rather than clarify as it is too loose a description. This was also the case over Christmas with the term allegado (close family friend).

(News: Andalucia)

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