Murcia Health Minister Resigns

SPN Murcian Minister Resigns over VaccinationFernando López Miras, the PM for the Regional Government of Murcia, announced the resignation of his Health Minister after the disclosure of having received the vaccination out of turn.

Ex-Minister Manuel Villegas appeared alongside the PM when the announcement was made before the gathered press virtually in tears.

He was not alone in jumping the protocol for the vaccination campaign as 400 other members of his department, including his wife, had also ‘jumped the queue.’

Before this resignation announcement, he had apologised to those who might have felt offended by his actions but not for having received the Covid-19 vaccination. He said that as he was a doctor by profession, it was justified. His apology, therefore, was not for jumping the queue when many front-line health workers had still not been vaccinated. This failure to acknowledge a wrong doing on his part increased the calls for his resignation.

It was the pressure from Ciudadanos, a coalition partner, together with the opposition parties, that finally brought about his resignation. The national leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, considered the minister’s action as an “insult,” calling for his immediate resignation.

The Secretary General for the PP, Teodoro García Egea, limited himself to criticising two socialist mayor who had done the same in small towns within Valencia rather than condemning the Health Minister, who belongs to his party, for his actions.

(News: Murcia)

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