4-Year Old Wandering on Road

AND 4-yr-old Walking on RoadThe Policia Local of Algarrobo picked up a 4-year-old child that had wandered off by himself and was spotted walking alongside a busy road.

It was Saturday evening with night aready having fallen when the child separated himself from his parents who had travelled down from Cómpeta to do some shopping in Algarrobo-Costa. The boy wandered off, leaving the shop and started following the pavement that runs along the A-7206.

He had made his way about 300 metres along the road when a driver stopped and asked him if he was lost; he replied that he was, so the driver phoned 112 to report it.

The municipal police arrived in a couple of minutes and took charge of the child. The parents’ had already raised the alarm in the supermarket and in turn the manager had informed the police, which had made finding the boy’s parents easy.

All had ended in only a scare, thanks to citizen cooperation, but it could have just as easily ended in tragedy.

(News: Algorrobo Costa, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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