Ejected by Squatters

GRA Couple Evicted by SquattersA couple that lived near the Camino de Ronda in Granada will have some hard memories to forget of a boarder arrangement that went wrong.

It’s worth explaining to non-native English speakers that a ‘boarder’ is somebody who rents a room as opposed to the whole flat or house.

It was the 1st of September, 2017 and the couple had decided to rent out one of their rooms to bring in a bit of much needed extra income.

The boarder, taking advantage of the fact that he now had a key to the property, entered the dwelling with a friend in the early hours of the above-mentioned day, armed with a large knife and an axe. They burst into the bedroom where the couple slept and set about them with blows and kicks, whilst threatening them with the knife close to their bodies.

The owners were literally dragged out of their own homes in what they were wearing and the door slammed on them. The aggressor were now squatters and the owners were out in the street. Furthermore, the aggressors stole the woman’s mobile, depriving her of it to prevent her for calling for help.

Now, just over three years later the ex-boarder, O.B.C. and his accomplice, A.S.L., are before a judge facing five and four years imprisonment, respectively.

The accomplice said that he was high on drugs and had no recollections of the event but the judge opined that the dexterity in which he wielded the knife as well as dragging the victims out of the house was incompatable with being under the influence of drugs. He also denied having physical hit the couple but both victims said that this was not true.

The aggressors also have to pay 1,400 in companensation to the couple.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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