The Endless Vadillo Road Work

MOT Vadillo Work DC20So, the question to contemplate as you prepare from Crimbo Brekkie is when the hell are they going to finish the Vadillo roadworks in Motril? The short answer is April, but here’s the long one, too.

The Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro, and a gaggle of councillors suitably preened for a photo op, inspected the ongoing (second phase) road works that are taking place along the old Almería road, which passes through the Vadillo trading estate.

Work began at the beginning of the trading estate near El Puente del Toledano with phase one but now it’s between the gasoline station and the entrance roundabout on the N-340. The total budget for all phases is 1.2m euros.

The idea is to improve access to town through the trading estate, thus improving conditions for businesses operating from there. Work is going on below and above ground, with rain drainage being laid at the same time as sewage and mains water supplies. On the surface, a safe pavement for pedestrians will run from one end of the road to the other as well as more parking running down the other side. There will also be a cycle lane.

Now, each one of the councillors present took turns to say how wonderful they and the project are, so we have eliminated that and will summarise thus: when finished you will be able park on the vega side of the road and you will be able to see what your doing thanks to  the new street lighting. In the meantime, below your feet, things will be happening more efficiently than before.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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