Stolen Telephone Posts Found

GRA 26 Stolen Telephone PostsSomebody stole 26, wooden telephone posts, which is just not cricket. The police found about it last month and began an investigation ending in an arrest.

The theft, which took place in the town of Beas (Huelva), left a company that does work for a mobile-phone operator without a leg to stand on, or better said, without a post to string a line on.

The Guardia Civil began asking local olive farmers with land in the area – at the moment all of them have crews out picking olives so somebody might have seen something.

Some farm labourers spoke of a suspicious, large van. Searching around the streets of Beas they found a van that matched the description parked on one of the streets.

Checking their vehicle-registration data they come up with an address of a property with a piece of land. A quick visit located the posts in a pile (see photo) ending with the kidnapped posts returned to their rightful owner, safe and sound.

(News: Beas, Huelva, Andalucia)

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