Motril Urban Expansion

MOT Starting point of the Ronda SurWhen the two sections of Motril’s Ronda Sur are completed, there is going to be a lot more housing – some 640 dwellings.

Thirty-eight percent of the housing on this development area, known as the Mot-8, will be VPOs; or in other words, government-subsidised housing.

According to the Councillor for Public Works, Nicolás Navarro, this new road connection is essential and will help to alleviate the heavy traffic load through the town. People who live on the western side of the town will be able to reach their homes without having to go throught the centre of the town, he explained.

Although the housing won’t start going up for another 18 months, the Town Hall will receive money from the building developers in advance.

The first stretch of the Ronda Sur goes from below the municipal swimming pool and connects up with the Vadillo trading estate and is due to start spring next year and be completed by the following spring (2022).

The second section of Ronda Sur will go from the Vadillo to where the municipal morgue is, which will hopefully be concluded in 2023. This new road connection will have two lanes in either direction, much the same as the one between Al Campo and the port road – in fact, it will be a continuation of it.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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