Órgiva Loses Gasolinera

ALP Gasonlina Goes in OrgivaThe oldest, and smallest, gasolinera in the Alpujarra, situated just before the bridge in Orgiva, is being dismantled by its owners, the Rodríguez brothers.

Does this mean that there will no longer be one in Orgiva – the last chance to fill up before heading deep into the Alpujarra Granadina? No, it doesn’t, because a bigger Cepsa one is going up on an 1,800-sq/m plot nearby.

The old one came into being on the 31st of January, 1934 becoming not only the first gasolinera in Órgiva, but also the first in the whole of the Alpujarra.

During the Spanish Civil War it was a juicy target for the Republican forces situated on the Sierra de Lújar from where the installations were shelled on numerous occasions.

Surviving the war it was upgraded in the 50s with a diesel pump to keep the lonely petrol one company. When we say petrol pump, we’re referring to a 50-gallon drum with a hand pump attached.

As for the new gasolinera, it will have two pumps with eight hoses on each one for different fuel types. There will also be a small shop (150 sq/m), a car wash, toilets, laundrette facilities and will sell butane refills and fire wood.

Editorial note: the historical information on the gasolinera is provided by local historian, González Blasco.

(News: Orgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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