Passenger at the Controls

AXA Powered Glider Accident. 11OC20Readers might remember the air accident on the Axarquía aerodrome about a fortnight ago, when a powered-glider crashed on landing.

The accident occurred at 12.30h on Sunday the 11th resulting in the 26-year-old pilot losing his life and the only passenger being seriously injured.

The powered glider, a Scheibe SF 25 Falke, had taken off from the said aerodrome (LEAX) however, just a few minutes into the flight the pilot was taken seriously ill, leaving the passenger, with no flying experience whatsoever, attempting to land the aircraft.

On the landing run the aircraft hit the perimeter fence, killing the pilot on impact with the ground and leaving the passenger with serious injuries.

The Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission released the above details but the investigation has not concluded and it is possible that details will change before the final report is released.

(News: Velez-Malaga, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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