Ticketless Metro Chase

GRA Metro Mendez NuñezThere was a commotion on the metro in Granada on Monday night when a passenger who hadn’t bought a ticket tried to escape along a tunnel.

The man was eventually arrested by the Policía Nacional but not before he had assaulted a metro worker, police officers and a metro security guard, as well as another passenger who attempted to block his get away.

According to eye witnesses, the incident began to unfold around 20.55h. The arrested man, a foreigner, jumped the access turnstile at the Méndez Núñez stop, which was seen by the security guard. He went over to see if the man had a ticket, along with another metro worker.

The only way to accede to the underground part of the metro, which runs beneath the Camino de Ronda along the line’s route between the Campus de Fuentenueva and the Hípica, is to jump the turnstiles or try to enter through a tunnel entrance.

He appeared to be resigned to his fate because he not only admitted not having a ticket but that he regularly travelled without one, according to the police. However, he suddenly jumped the track and raced along the rails through the tunnel heading for the Recogidas stop.

Two security guards and a ticket inspector managed to catch up with him and tried to hold onto him but he managed to break free and run off again, but this time back towards the Méndez Núñez stop.

Here he was met by a maintenance worker, whom he bit and kicked. The passenger who tried to stop him was struck and fell onto the rails.

Finally, a police patrol belonging to the Policía Nacional arrived and grabbed him with the help of the others. When they demanded that he identified himself, he shouted, “I’ve come here to die, I’ve come here to kill.” He was arrested and taken to the police station pending appearing before a judge.

During all this time, which in reality was just over ten minutes, the trams were brought to a halt.

Editorial note: It’s worth pointing out that rather than being a metro system that uses trains powered by a live rail, it is a trams system powered by overhead cables.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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