Plant Too Close to Homes

NRJ Nerja Recicla Plant IrregularityGENA-Ecologistas en Acción has  registered a complaint before the Junta regarding alleged irregularities concerning the building-waste treatment plant.

The said irregularities, according to GENA-Ecologistas en Acción is over the licence awarded to Narixa Recicla S. L. to open the plant, which is situated in the north of the municipality of Nerja (within the trading estate, Castillo Alto).

The siting of the plant is causing a lot of irritation in the nearby urbanizaciones, claim the ecologists. In fact, just some weeks before this official complaint was registered, residents had set up social-media accounts to denounce the situation; i.e., the noise and dust.

The company running the plant, on the other hand, defend the “complete legality” of the installations. The ecologist do not doubt that it is legal; i.e., has the required paperwork, but rather that the administrations that granted it did so despite the “inadequate compatibility of industrial activity in residential areas.

According to the ecologists, sources within the Town Hall assure them that the plant is only a tranfer one; in other words, the rubble etc, does not remain in the plant but rather is transferred to “authorised” dumps.

Finally, they point out that the plant was approved only locally through a mayoralty decree (nº 1463/2019) thus avoiding the environmental controls over noise, air quality and pollution by going through higher administrations.

Editorial comment: the Present Mayor, Sr. Armijo (PP), is already facing prosecution over an illegal dump used by the Town Hall for decades in the middle of a protected area.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)


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