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GRA Find the PantherHuelma Town Hall has warned about a panther loose within the municipality. You can be forgiven for thinking the town is in South-East Asia, but it’s in Granada.

Ventas de Huelma is one of those villages in the middle of nowhere in Poniente de Granada, about half way between Malahá and the Pantano de Bermejales. It has nearly 700 inhabitants, an agricultural-based economy… and a panther sculking around in elusive pervasiveness.

“Attention Ventas de Huelma residents! Locals have informed us that on Friday evening they saw a panther on the country lane that runs past the castle and in front of the Town Hall, just before a fork in the road. We have informed the Servicio de Emergencias 112 and the rural warden,” reads the communiqué issued by the Mayor. It advises people not to approach it if they come across it. They could have added “bid farewell with a kiss to your posterior.”

Just in case there is any doubt, when we say “panther,” we are talking about a large feline predator… and not a large, intrusive vehicle in Poland in 1939.

Anyway, the black panther is probably tickled pink by the fact that the Guardia Civil in their helicopter and the patrols on the ground have not been able to locate him… or her.

There was a similar case in Almería in September 2013. Several people reported a sighting of a black panther in a park of outskirts of Castala (near Berja).

The Junta de Andalucía closed the park for over a week and Seprona spent days searching for it without coming across the sneaky creature. However, Seprona did find a panther three years later in a works shed on the Arboleas Trading Estate.

(News: Venta de Huelma, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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