Río Chillar Fines

NRJ Rio Chillar Rock PoolDespite Rio Chíllar being out of bounds for excursionists during this pandemic, people continue to go down there and a score have been fined.

The Nerja Town Hall issued a decree closing access to Los Cahorros del Río Chíllar as a measure to prevent propagation of coronavirus at the beginning of summer. However, according to the Councillor for Citizen Safety, Francis Arce and the Councillor for the Environment, Javier Rodríguez, every weekend the Policía Local patrol finds excursionists along the river.

So far they have issued 13 fines for breaking a municipal bylaw and seven for parking their cars up against the barrier pole at the entrance to the area. At the entrance there are noticeboards saying that you cannot park there under pain of fining, as well as saying that you cannot proceed on foot beyond that point either.

The municipal decree was issued on the 3rd of June because of the amount of people going down the river, completely ignoring the safety-distance measures. It should be remembered that at the beginning of June we were still going through the Lock Down, deescalation stages when movement was still restricted.

The decree prohibiting bathing in the pools along the river course, as well as further up where it meets with Río El Higuerón, which is a popular place for hikers. The reason for this prohibition on bathing in the pools was because natural, sweet (fresh) water does not offer the barrier that swimming pools or indeed seawater does so there is a higher risk of infection when a rock pool is being shared by several people.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Málaga, Andalucia – Photo: E. Cabezas)

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