A Parking Crater

ALM Summer Parking in Old MarketAlmuñécar Town Hall has signed an agreement with Cáritas, allowing them to use the crater left by the municipal-market demolition for parking.

This parking arrangement will be available 24/7 thus both providing the church-charity organisation some income, as well as extra parking in the centre of town this summer. It will also be beneficial for local businesses in that area.

First, of course, it needs be sorted out; i.e.,  adapting it for parking, so the municipal maintenance department has installed lighting, as well as setting up a booth-cum-tent where the person at the entrance can control access and charge admission.

This arrangement may well last past the end of summer as Cáritas has use of the plot until the project for a new market is finalised.

The parish priest, Father Vicente Guerrero, who runs Cáritas, is a happy bunny: “we want to have it running 24 hours a day,” he explained, adding, “four people will be manning it in turns.”

It is calculated that the plot – not all of which is suitable for parking – can fit 170 vehicles, paying 50 centimes an hour, explained Father Vicente.

The Asociación de Comercio Sexitano is also more than pleased with the arrangement. Its Chairwoman, Remedios Rico, says that it will favour a greater influx of customers to local shops a businesses.

Editorial comment: parking this August is not such a problem as it is most years, not only because of this arrangement, but also because the summer fair won’t be hogging the town’s main, surface-parking area for three of the four weeks of August.

Finally, if this parking areas does improve local businesses in that area, it only goes to show what a bloody disaster it has been over the years since the Town Hall closed down the underground parking facilities under the old market.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: JM de Haro)


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