A Jábega for La Herradura

LHR Jabega Fishing BoatBenavides’s party, Convergencia Andaluza de Almuñécar-La Herradura, proposed that the Town Hall backed a project to build a  jábega which is a fishing boat. It was rejected.

A jábega, or more properly barca de jábega, is an open rowing boat used for dragnet fishing. If you were out here in the 80s or before, you will remember them rowing out and along the beach before beaching again, having paid out the net along the way. Then two teams of  fishermen (including curious onlookers) would pull the net back in, one at either end. Jábega really is the name of this type of net although nowadays the term is also used for the rowing boat that carries them.

Anyway, this class of rowing boat, which dates back some 3,000 years, measures between seven and 14 metres in length and 2.5m wide. It is crewed with up to 15 oarsmen plus the helmsman, sometimes occupied by the skipper. Nowadays, they are normally used for recreational use or regattas and have a maximum of 3 oarsmen aside.

Back to the one that is being built in La Herradura and could do with a bit of public backing. It is being built by locals with the backing of a reporter, Ángel Galdo and a British engineer, Bernard Sleeman.

LHR Jábega fishing“Despite it being a strategic project linked to the recovery of our historical and cultural heritage, as well as promoting tourism and sport, the overbearing arrogance and haughtiness of the Herrera administration, backed by its unconditional allies, blocked a debate and vote casting on the proposal,” denounced the CA Spokesperson.

The motion called for municipal backing for the building of a replica of the Joven Consuelo, which fished off La Herradura beach until the 60s.

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