Burglar Steals Guard Dog

SPN Guardia Civil SergeantA man was arrested in Busquístar in the Alpujarra, accused of breaking into a cortijo and stealing, amongst other things, the guard dog.

The 29-year-old suspect from El Ejido (Almería) reportedly used a crowbar to break the padlock & chain to gain entrance to the cortijo on the 16th of July and made off with a mountain bike, a motorbike… and the guard dog, which he had taken a shine to – apparently, it was mutual.

The American Staffordshire beastie, despite being of a breed considered as ‘dangerous’ turned out to be quite docile and didn’t object to a change of master.

The thief managed to get the motorbike and pushbike into the boot whilst the newly acquired companion rode shotgun in the front passenger’s seat. Unfortunately, the accused ran into a Guardia Civil patrol out of Bérchules on the A-4130 around four in the morning on his return journey to El Ejido.

The police pulled him over and seeing that the boot was partially open and the rear seats folded down – not to mention the grinning hound in the passenger’s seat – they asked him for proof of ownership for the two bikes. He responded that they belonged to a friend, as did the dog with the name of Bobby – a surprising name because one look at the hound’s undercarriage confirmed that it was not a male dog.

Well, the police considered it all rather suspicious and confiscated the two bikes and the dog, who was probably confused by yet another change over ownership. They said that they would be keeping what they had confiscated until the the ‘friend’ turned up at the Guardia Civil post to reclaim them.

However, as no theft had yet been reported, they had to let the suspect continue on his journey after making a note of his ID.

The next day the owner of the cortijo reported the break-in and missing possessions (including his dog, Dala) at the Trevélez Guardia Civil post. He was referred to the Bérchules post where his thoroughly confused dog was being kept and after providing proof of ownership of the stolen possessions was allowed to reclaim them.

Four days later the suspect was tracked down, arrested and charged with the burglary.

(News: Bérchules, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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